Compile bugs Scriviner 1.0.2

I’ve encountered two problems when compiling to DOC in 1.0.2 while using the comic book script template. I think I’m using whatever is the default compile options and I don’t see anything that I’m doing wrong, so I think its a bug, but if you think the problems on my end please let me know.

The first is that when compiling a document with a web link, it has the blue text underlined formatting that indicates a link in Scriviner, but loses this formatting when imported to Microsoft Word. Its still a link in Word, but you can’t see it. Ideally, what’s blue and underlined in Scriviner should be blue and underlined in word.

Screenshots are posted here of what I’m seeing, using word 2010 and Scriviner 1.0.2: … ffa25d5344

Also, highlighting does not compile to DOC formatting and import in word. SO, all of my highlighting formatting is lost.

Screen captures of what I’m seeing are here: … 2ab1e03cee