Compile can't convert from rtf?

I’m running the latest version from May, 17.1.0. I’ve compiled and published a book and 6 devotionals, previous to this, including one with the latest version. My output has always been as a Word doc. This time, it says a file is missing and it can’t convert from rtf.

So, here are my questions:

  1. What file handles the conversion?

  2. How do I fix it without losing my work? After the other five months are done, I intend to compile all 12 devotionals for a hardcopy version.

Cany I just do a reinstall, as if it’s an update?

There are three possible converters for the DOC format, so you’ll need to go to the Import/Export tab of Tools > Options… and then click “Export Converters…” to see which one you’re using. Select “DOC” from the drop-down menu on the left and the menu button on the right will show the current converter. You may want to just try changing to another converter–e.g. if it’s currently “Microsoft Office”, try selecting “RTF-Based” (the default in 1.6.1 and previous).

It’s possible that antivirus software on your computer flagged the converter files and quarantined them, which would prevent the compile working. I’m aware of a few cases where BitDefender got a little overzealous and did this with the Doc2Any converters. If that’s happened to you, you can whitelist the files in BitDefender and reinstall Scrivener (you may want to do that with BitDefender disabled, too). Your projects are saved outside of Scrivener, so the reinstall won’t affect it. It’s always a good idea to make sure you have backups, of course. :slight_smile:

Also, 1.7.2 was released earlier today, so I’d suggest updating to that rather than reinstalling the 1.7.1 version. You should be able to just run the auto-update and get everything installed the way it should be, once you’ve taken care of the anti-virus (assuming that was an issue).

Beyond that, I’d need to see the text of the error message specifically to have much more of an idea about what’s gone wrong with the compile.

Thanks, Jennifer. Switching converters worked. I’ll do the update tomorrow.

It, apparently, isn’t just BitDefender that has issues with Doc2Any. Avast was arguing about a dll file that it never said where it was. Interestingly, the Scrivener message was more cryptic, saying only that “a file” was missing. If either or both had been less mysterious, my questions might have been more informative.

Just one more question, Jennifer. Is primitives.dll or part of the Doc2Any files? If not, then it’s not antivirus causing the problem.

Hmm, no, those aren’t D2A files or related to Scrivener at all. It might be a false positive, too, c.f. this report on Avast’s forums.

Did you try the fresh installation?

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