Compile can't find documents

I’m using the demo version of Scrivener for Windows. When I try to Compile, the Compile window shows only Title Page in the list of contents. None of my chapters or scenes are available for selection. I’m using the Standard Manuscript Format template. How can I get my chapters and scenes to show up in the compile contents list? (I had no problem doing the compile in the interactive tutorial, btw).

First thing to check is that the stuff you’ve written is actually in the draft folder to begin with. That is where the software looks for material when compiling, so pay attention to the indentation levels. If you click on “Draft” (which might be called something else if you started with a template, like “Manuscript”) and view its corkboard, do you see anything other than a title page?

Thanks, that solved the problem. Somehow I’d created things outside the draft. (duh!).