Compile centering?

I’m stringing notes together in different sections for a manuscript I’m working on, and there’s one that’s giving me fits. Every time I do a new Compile, this particular section is centered when I open the Word doc. In the Scrivener file, it’s been highlighted with a comment so would that have something to do with it?

Comments shouldn’t impact base text formatting at all. The first thing to check are your compile settings. If you’ve been customising those, save your current settings as a preset using the Format As drop-down menu (there is a management menu option at the bottom). Once you’ve saved your settings, select “Original” from that list and try compiling to see if it goes away.

It didn’t help. When I selected Original, the section in question was fine but it was immediately followed by the next section without a page break as selected. Original also removes the font selection and tabs. I switched it to Novel (with parts) and finally got it to work properly.

ETA: I take that back. Today, no matter if I choose Original, Custom, or Novel (with parts), it’s not working again. I even tried changing the comment selection to the last paragraph. That formatted correctly in Word. But if I select the entire section and create the comment? It centers everything.

ETA #2: I have another section later on that’s 80 words long. I’ve highlighted the first four words of the section with a comment. All 80 words are centered in Word.

One more section has two comments. About 2/3 of that entire section, whether it’s part of the area highlighted with the comment or not, is centered.