Compile crashing Scrivener

Hi. I have been using Scrivener for Windows for only a short time but I’m really liking it and haven’t had any major issues. I had been able to compile to a word document just fine but had been trying to work out how to get a copy of my note cards/outline off Scrivener. I found an explanation from a few months back on the forums on how to save the outline using the compile feature so decided to give that a go, the only problem is that it keeps causing Scrivener to crash (or as Windows puts it: “A problem caused the program to stop working correctly”). This happens when I try a Custom Compile with meta data as well as an Enumerated Compile, but I was able to compile a normal custom document sans meta data just moments earlier. Am I doing something wrong?


Hi Becs,

This is probably a known compile bug (fixed for the next release!) where attempting to compile a document that has (and never has had) text in the element being compiled will throw an error. If you’re compiling synopses of your entire draft for instance and including a document that does not have a synopsis, that might be causing a crash. Try going through your scenes and deselecting “include in compile” for any that don’t actually have text there and see if that fixes it. You could also try downloading the NaNoWriMo trial from here; the bug should be fixed in that.

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately it still crashes even when I go through and select only the scenes which have text. Although, some scenes have synopses and no text. There are no issues “including” those scenes with no text in the compile when I compile just for the text or as a manuscript. It only crashes when I try to include metadata and/or synopses, et al, in the compile. :cry:

Am not doing Nano so will wait for the 31st October release and hope this is fixed then…