Compile creating landscape documents (Screenplay format)

I’m using Scrivener Version 3.2.1 on a Macbook (Catalina 10.15.7)

I’ve written a screenplay using the Screenplay format.
When I compile for a Word (.docx or .doc) or general (.rtf) the exported file is always in Landscape orientation.
Attempting to fix it by changing the page set up in Word destroys the script formatting.

The “page setup” in Scrivener is definitely in Portrait.
I can compile to .pdf and have an exported file that’s Portrait (but this isn’t useful for my purposes).

This hasn’t been a problem in previous years/previous version of Scrivener - I’ve done this process every year since 2017 without problem until now.

When you preview the compile page settings, do you see portrait or landscape?

[attachment=0]Portrait or Landscape.jpg[/attachment]

I’m honestly not sure how to get a page like you’ve shown there - so any tips as to how to find that page would be helpful.

I go

and then I get this screen (attached pdf)[attachment=0]Scrivern problem.pdf[/attachment] - it does show A4 portrait as the preview.

Double-clicking or right-clicking any of the built-in compile presets will give you the option to duplicate and edit the format, opening up the compile format designer shown in Login’s post.

The Script or Screenplay compile format you’ve selected in your screenshot uses your system default paper size (i.e. whatever’s set in system preferences as the default size for your default/current printer), and the page orientation for the printer will affect some formats like RTF, DOC, and DOCX. I’d expect this to be fixable by going to File > Page Setup from within Scrivener and resetting the orientation there to portrait.

Since it sounds like you’ve already done that, it’s worth checking your printer’s options in the Printers & Scanners macOS preference pane and just make sure there’s nothing enabled there that might not be what you intended. Different printers have different options available, so maybe yours has a setting that’s unintentionally affecting this.

That aside, you might be able to work around the issue by editing the compile format and changing the paper settings. Double click the “Script or Screenplay” format in the compile window and choose duplicate & edit, then select Page Settings and deselect Use default paper size, then click the Page Setup… button and set the A4 paper size and portrait orientation there. You can name the compile format at the top and choose whether to save it to Project Formats (only available to this project, but saved with it if you transfer to another machine) or My Formats (saved on the specific computer and available to all projects there), then click Save and try the compile again. Does that work?

Okay, so I don’t own a printer, but my default printer/scanner settings are A4 and Portrait (in Mac settings).
I had already set “page setup” within Scrivener for A4 Portrait.

When I got into the settings shown in Login’s post the page was shown as “portrait” there too.

The work-around MimeticMouton suggested seems to have worked - yay! :smiley:

For me, as soon as I double-clicked the “script or screenplay” then went “create duplicate” the duplicate version seems to compile in portrait.
I tested it both with “project settings” and with “default paper” (both of which were portrait anyway) and in both cases the duplicate format compiles to a portrait .docx file.

So the copy does portrait now, original format still only does landscape. Thanks for the workaround!