Compile creating unwanted "section break" instead of "page break" in word file.

I’m compiling my novel to a docx file for formating with vellum from Scrivener 3 for Windows. I’ve successfully compiled two others this way, using the beta version, with no problem. But this time it’s acting differently.

I’ve set up the title page, a dedication, and an epigraph in a folder named “Vellum” of section type N/A, in the Front Matter section of the binder. Each of these documents are of section type “Front Matter” The paragraphs in each are styled as Book Title, Book Subtitle, and Author; Dedication; Epigraph and Attribution, respectively.

The compile format is “My Vellum Export”, which is basically “Vellum Export” with a few additional section types and styles.

The section type “Front Matter” is marked for text only, and has no title in the formatting. It’s set for a page break before and between sections, and nothing else in the separators pane.

The styles involved all have the corresponding Vellum style as the override name, and no other options except for the font name and size.

When I compile to word, two things happen at variance with the recommendations from Vellum. First, the first two sections (Title page and Dedication) are followed by a word “section break” instead of a “page break”. Second the third section (Epigraph) is not followed by the word “page break” I see in the Vellum documentation, two pilcrows instead.

When I import to Vellum, this messes up the chapters, adds a single part in the toc, and, oddly, causes the attribution on the epigraph to vanish.

I can hack my way around this in word if necessary, but since I’m setting up a template for a long series I’d really like to fix the problem, and have a way for it to just put in the page breaks I asked for in compile.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.