Compile Dialog Box (Losing my mind)

Losing my mind here. I have some content loaded in Scrivener. I downloaded the KindleGen plug-in, unpacked it and that end is ready to go. When I go to compile anything, expecting to see a options box, allowing me to ‘assign’ KindleGen for that compile, What I see is a much smaller box with two pull down menus. When I select the .mobi option a message comes up saying I need to install the KindleGen (Available free from Amazon) and read on a ‘compile dialog box’ for more info. I am stuck as I don’t know what ‘dialog box’ the program is talking about. Can I add a plug-in to an eval version of the program? Thanks in advance!

Re the Compile box/dialog…

If you are seeing a small Compile box with just two dropdowns (Format As and Compile For), click the big blue arrow to the right side (right side/end of Format As), to get the expanded Compile box/dialog.

Once you’ve switched the Compile box from small two line version to expanded version (via big blue button on right side of Compile box)…

  • Select Kindle (Mobi) Book (.mobi) in the Compile For: field at the bottom of the box
  • Then, select newly revealed KindleGen in the left column
  • click Change and navigate to and select the KindleGen executable and click Open
    (ex: C:\Program Files(x86)\KindleGen29\kindlegen.exe
    or whereever you unpacked/installed it to)
  • You’ll now be able to compile to .mobi via KindleGen whenever you select that as the Compile For: option

Hope that helps.

An alternate approach is to compile to .epub, then use Kindle Previewer to load and convert the epub to mobi.

THANK YOU… I cant recall seeing that anyplace in the docs but thank you for your help.