Compile differences between PDF and DocX (S3).

I was previously trying to output a paperback to PDF with Scrivener 3 but couldn’t find an option to avoid widows and orphans, and someone pointed out that the option only exists in Docx output. Perfect!


When I was exporting to PDF it was automatically setting new chapters as facing (odd) pages. When I change to DocX, it doesn’t, and I can’t see an option to force it to do so, or what made it do that on the PDF. I could just change them all manually in Word, but since it’s a trilogy with over 100 chapters, I’d rather know if there’s a quick way of doing it (in Scrivener or Word).

Cheers for any help.

I’ve had a look through the options and it looks like

  • (as you say) Widows and Orphans are only in Word / RTF format

  • Chapters start on Recto / Verso is only available in PDF / Print – the option is actually available when you edit Section Layouts, on the New Pages tab. It’s not there for Word, it is for PDF.

I’m not sure how you’d get round this, sorry.