Compile: Different Fonts for Different Pages

I’ve gone through the tutorial and read a bunch of posts but somehow I’m not really getting it.

I simply want certain pages to have different font and paragraph formatting like I have them in my editor. But when I compile, the paragraph spacing shows, but the font remains the same. I’m very confused about assigning section layouts. I did assign a style to the text. I created a style in the metadata editor, but it all seems so convoluted. Is there a simple way to just compile the way I see it in my editor?


You could try this:

  1. Select the relevant text
  2. From the menu bar choose Format → Preserve Formatting

This should work well for compiles to print and PDF, but might vary with ebooks or other formats, mainly depending on how the receiving apps interpret Scrivener’s output.

Try it with a sample initially to see if it meets your needs.


I believe the default Compile format basically compiles things as-is.


Possibly relevant: Notice in the main Compile dialogue box there is a pop-up menu in the upper part of the sheet that can impose a uniform font on your output. Make sure an override font is not specified there.

thanks @SWM & @gr … I’ll play around with it some more.