Compile doesn't resolve title placeholder

Hi, I’m new here.

I’m trying to compile my second novel (I did it all manually copying from scrivener and pasting on Word for the first one and I don’t want to undergo that pain again).

After a couple of days of trial and errors, and forcing myself to RTFM more than once, I managed to find a quite good set for compilation, except for this:

I Want to have the text name OVER every page (like subchapters). So I used the “header” section and put a nice <$title> in there but when I compile, it doesn’t resolve (otherwise than <$p> that is correctly transformed in pagenumber), and the compiled PDF have a stupid “<$title>” header on each and every page…

What am I getting wrong?


(Sorry for my english, I’m not mothertongue)

In Help, it says: “Document variable placeholders can be placed anywhere inside the text of a document (note that they cannot be used in the Compile panel’s header and footer fields).”

If it is in the header, that looks like the problem.

Can you use <$projecttitle>, or <$projectname> intead? Or do you want the name of the sub-sections?