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I’m something of a Scrivener Newbie. I imported a novel by copying and pasting each chapter from Word, and creating separate documents in the Draft folder. I am using the basic Scrivener template, not the Manuscript template.

Sometimes when I hit return in a chapter, it automatically tabs the start of the next paragraph. Other times, it does not tab automatically, so I hit Tab myself.

Now when I “Compile Draft,” I see that all the times I hit Tab myself turn out a double-tab in the doc in .rtf or .doc versions. When I select “keep” formatting under Compile Draft options, this corrects the issue, but I notice in Word that the selective tabs remain.

Is there a way to reformat the Scrivener documents so that all of my manual tabs disappear, and it’s formatted according to the way it should be, i.e. the way it’s formatted for most of the document, with every new paragraph indented automatically?

The other question is: Sometimes the compiled draft leaves an extra page before chapters start, sometimes not. When I deselect “Page Break Before,” it frequently starts a new chapter on the same page as the previous chapter.

Thank you in advance for any advice!

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I think you might want to think about how formatting and styles are applied in word-processing files.

I write this because I suspect you have some paragraphs with first line indentation within the style for those paragraphs and some without.

In Scrivener you can look at this by using “Show Ruler”. The style for each paragraph contains a ruler, and this is displayed at the top when the insertion point is in the particular para.

When you have a para without indentation then do not create an indentation with a tab, but rather paste the ruler from the other style.

I think you would do well to get your head around how styles function in Scrivener and in the word processor you are using. This will prevent you from problems like the one you’ve described.

To get a good account of how Scrivener styles function I recommend launching Apple’s TextEdit application and looking at the help section in that. This is because Scrivener uses the TextEdit for its own text editor. Make yourself a very nice coffee and sit and read the relevant TextEdit help bits :slight_smile:

I think you should also read about styles implementation in Word, the word-processor you are using.

To sort out the actual problem you have I think you need to just remove any tabs that are present at the start of paragraphs in your Scrivener project, then apply the appropriate ruler to those paragraphs to indent them.

Thanks, Patrick. Sounds like a fun project. I’ll brew the coffee and get to the reading.

Thanks again,