Compile draft into numbered outline?

Is it possible to take a Scrivener document/project and compile it into a numbered outline (e.g., in Microsoft Word)?

For example, I’m an academic and need to submit my article manuscripts as a numbered outline (see below) and the journal editors insist that articles be submitted as a Microsoft Word doc. I can’t seem to find an option in Compile draft for doing this? Apologies if I’m missing something obvious. Thanks.

I. Introduction
A. …
B. …
II. Literature Review
A. …
B. …
III. Methodology …

You’ll want to check out the various counter tokens available in the Edit/Insert menu. These should be added to the titles you intend to number. They won’t show up as numbers until you compile. Unfortunately there is no lettering counter, though, just Roman and Arabic numerals. Oh, and words, like “One, two, three”.

Thanks for your help!

How much are you willing to do in Word? Word’s outline functions will handle the formatting and numbering for you, but they work off the heading styles. So one possible workflow would be:

  • Compose outline in Scrivener. Give each heading level a unique format.
  • Compile draft to Word, preserving formatting.
  • Use Word’s style features to assign named styles based on formatting.
  • Use Word’s outline features to create formatted and numbered outline from named styles.

Obviously this approach will be easier if you already have some fluency with Word’s style management tools.