Compile Draft not overwriting properly

When compiling a draft to Latex (and I assume other formats) which includes images, Scrivener doesn’t overwrite an existing draft properly.


  1. Compile a draft called “Untitled”
  2. A folder called Untitled is made, with Untitled.tex inside along with its graphics
  3. Compile the draft again, call it “Untitled” again.
  4. No option is given to overwrite the existing Untitled folder, instead Untitled-1 is made, with Untitled.tex inside.

This means a) you end up with lots of Untitled-n folders, and b) the location of your .tex file is always changing. The workaround is to delete the Untitled folder before compiling the draft again, but it’d be nice if Scrivener could do that for you.

Why this is a bug:
If you have a file called Untitled.tex in the folder where you try to compile your draft, Scrivener will ask if you want to overwrite it. But whether you say yes or no, it will make a folder called Untitled and put Untitled.tex inside it, since it has to store the images there. Obviously the overwrite logic doesn’t check to see if it’s going to export a folder of files or just a single file. I suspect that changing this logic, so that Scrivener would look for a folder called Untitled rather than a file called Untitled.tex when checking for an overwrite conflict, would solve this problem.


Thanks for the report. I’ve added this to the list of things to look into for 2.0.

Thanks again and all the best,