Compile Draft -> PDF (with chapters)


I just purchased a license today and have been very productive starting my book. The outline and all sections are stubbed out, it’s wonderful.

I read through the help first. I was unable to see how I may export or compile a draft to print to PDF, yet still have a feature in a PDF of chapters and page lists. I’d like for it to have the same tree format as in the binder for a PDF.

I’m interested in releasing my book as an e-book, so having this information available would be very handy. If that is not possible, then that is just how it is for now, yet I would love to have this feature.

I’d like the user/reader of my e-book to be able to jump around to chapters and sections from a tree on the side of the document (an existing PDF feature).

I hope I communicated this correctly. Please let me know if I need to clarify and what I may do to get what I want.

Thanks in advance!

AFAIK this isn’t possible with Mac OS X’s PDF export. Compile your Scrivener project to some intermediate format and create your PDF with OpenOffice or LaTeX (with the hyperref package).

Actually it is possible, but only if the developer of the specific application uses certain abilities built into PdfKit (since OS X 10.4, I think). So Signinstranger is right that you need to use Open Office or LaTeX curently to do this – but the capabilities are there in the operating system for applications to hook into.

I think you’re right, but it must be one of the new PDF features in Leopard. The PDFOutline Class has got some new methods.

You may well be right – I’m out of my depth here, but I think that the spec for PdfKit which allows for this is for 10.4 onwards. See and