Compile draft - use document title as default file-name

This would be a better default file-name (optionally, shortened) than “Untitled”, at least for most times I use it.

Sophie, I’m a bit confused as to what exactly it is that you are suggesting.

Since every single OS-X application I know gives new files the name “Untitled” until you save them for the first time, I suspect that that must be an Apple default, not a Scrivener default. Following that there seem to be two systems: (i) if you forget to name it yourself on first save it gets named “untitled”; (ii) like Word it gives the file the first 32 or however many characters of the text as its name. The former can be unhelpful for obvious reasons; the second drives me mad when I am sent Word docs with titles that are 16 Chinese characters long, but depending on the sender’s settings may appear as 32 question marks.

Or am I misreading you and you mean that the default folder in the binder should not be titled “Draft” but the name of the .scriv project? To me, why would you need to repeat the name of the project, it’s there on the top bar of the window; that the area in question is the working draft rather than the research area is what matters. But if you want, you can change it yourself in the usual way.

Or do you mean when you compile your draft, the resulting file should be called whatever? I admit to forgetting periodically to give compiled files a name and ending up with “untitled.rtf”, but since, in what I use Scrivener for — and I’m sure many others do the same — I’m usually exporting only a subset of the draft, having the resulting files always defaulting to the name of the overarching project package would be equally, if not more, unhelpful. And as the exported section consists of a number of files within the binder, which should be the name … I’d end up with lots of “Introduction.rtf” if it was the first in the series.

To me, it doesn’t matter what the title is going to be as it is pilot-error to fail to give it a proper file name, and “untitled” is good, as it sticks out more than other possibilities.

At which point I retreat into the woodwork.


I am able to set a default title, but “Untitled” is generally the standard across the OS.
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