Compile duplicates my scenes willy-nilly

Hi, I’m having trouble using Compile to export to DOC/ DOCX files. I use Vellum to format my books, so I export my manuscripts as a DOC file.

During the process of exporting my file to DOC version, Scrivener is randomly duplicating entire chapters. For example, Chapter 10 has 3 scenes. As I’m working in Scriviner, I look over at Chapter 10, and there are the 3 scenes laid out as text files. The chapter itself is a folder. Everything looks exactly like what it should

When I open the DOC file after I go through Compile, however, Chapter 10 now has 6 scenes, because Scrivener has exported the 3 scenes twice. I was unaware of this fact, until the folks at Amazon sent me a Quality Notice saying that I had “duplicated text.” And Amazon was right- this happened with several chapters, but not all of them.

I’ve looked over the dialogue box at Compile to see if there is anything I might be checking/ unchecking to cause this to happen, but no. Each scene is listed and checked exactly once. Each of my scenes are simple text, there are no special formatting/ indents/ links or anything that might throw off the program.

I’m flabbergasted. I don’t know if this qualifies as a “bug,” or not. I’ve wracked my brain over what I could be doing to cause this. I’ve searched the forum, You Tube and Google to see if anyone else has had this problem, but I can’t find any mention of it.

Help please!

Please confirm that the text is not duplicated in the project itself. Besides the possibility of duplicate scenes in the Binder, something like this could happen if the duplicate text appears in the Synopsis or Document Notes, as well as the body text. Or, you might have inadvertently duplicated the text within a single document, for instance with a misguided copy/paste command.

You can use the Project Search to find all instances of a text string.


Thanks for the tips, Katherine! I’ll start with those.