compile epub in landscape or side-by-side portrait format?

I realize this “wish list” feature might be a longshot . . . a box to tick so when you compile an epub, you get either a landscape orientation and/or a side-by-side 2-page portrait view.

But does anyone have a suggestion on a quick edit (adjustment to an epub file to fix the orientation to landscape, and especially so that an epub3 file would show one page (flippable one at a time, not scrollable) in portrait mode, but then in side-by-side 2-page view when, say, an iPad is turned to landscape orientation ?

I would SO rather compose and compile in scrivener, by most our books have small graphics and small amounts of flowable text. I can control what I need with simple page breaks, but I want my epub output to appear in 2-pg view, side-by-side view, when the orientation is landscape. I don’t want to buy and learn InDesign. I just need an orientation of landscape that shows 2 portrait pages.

Can anyone recommend a simple software package where I could edit the desired epub to deliver this? Even better, is that a simple line of code someone can share ?



I don’t really understand the request, I’m afraid, as I don’t believe the .epub or Kindle e-book formats are even capable of what you want (unless this is something that has been introduced in .epub 3.0, but I can’t see how). E-books are comprised of individual HTML files for each chapter, which have no concept of pages or page layout. It is entirely down to the e-book reader software how e-books are displayed. That is, the layout is determined not by the e-book itself but by the program in which it is read.

iBooks is a little different and does allow some layout, using an extended version of the .epub 3.0 format (using Apple’s own extensions to the format, which is renamed .iba). The only way of creating iBooks-specific books with iBooks-specific layout is to use iBooks Author for the layout. I don’t believe there’s any simple way of just adapting an .epub file. You can export from Scrivener using Compile to export to multiple .docx files for iBooks Author import, though.

All the best,

Thanks Keith. Your answer sorted it out. I now realize these different views are generated by the users eReader. Cheers, kent