compile epub problems with Bulletin text

I have problem compile my documents with bulletin text. My body text and bulletin text have different font size. Text with bulletin format have much smaller font size after compile into ePub file. How can I make the font size consistent?

I have tried compile the same project on another machine, it works fine. What might be the problem? Does it have anything to do with the font in different machines?

Did you use the exact same project on both machines, and without changing any of the settings in compile?

Same Project file, didn’t change a thing.

my iMac used to have Scrivener 1.0 installed and 2.0 overwrites it, and my MacBook Pro only have Scrivener 2 installed. Does that have anything to do with it? my iMac is the only machine that has this bullet font size problem.

If there is some sort of preference or plist file I can delete? I tried reinstall Scrivener on my iMac and that didn’t work

It’s highly doubtful that once having 1.x installed would cause a problem as that version didn’t even have ePub support. I think your comment on fonts is more likely. What I would try doing is creating an ePub on the computer that displays the font problem, then move the ePub file itself to the other computer and open it there. If it opens fine, then you could try clearing your font caches and see if that helps.

If you do want to delete the old preference files (again, that really shouldn’t solve anything, but it won’t hurt either) you can find them in your ~/Library/Preferences folder. Search in there for ‘scrivener’ and delete the plist files that do not have a ‘2’ in their name.