Compile ePub with Background Color or Texture?


Is it possible to change the color of the finished, compiled ePub page background from white, e.g. to something like light yellow?

Or better yet, is is possible to insert a jpeg texture image. I’d really like to use a light parchment kind of thing, it would fit the kind of ebook I am writing very well, if I could only do this in Scrivener.

Thanks! I’ve been searching for this answer for 4 hours stright, and all I can find is how to change the workspace, editor page color, but nothing about changing the page color for compiled results.

But would it suit your readers? There are other threads around on Scotopic Sensistivity Syndrome (sometimes called Meares-Irlen Syndrome) describing the difficulties that SSS people have with the traditional black-on-white paper idiom but they might equally have a problem with black-on-yellow-faux-parchment. Irrespective of what Scrivener’s Compile might do it’s better, in my opinion as an SSS person, to produce black-on-white ebooks and let the reader adjust the presentation in their ereader.

Thanks but is it possible?

Some of the compile formats do support setting a background colour. It will be in the Meta-Data pane if the file format itself supports the capability.

I’m not aware of any e-reader that lets the book change the user’s reading environment like that, though. Consider the fact that if you chose a light yellow background, and then I loaded your book on my E Ink Kobo, I would end up with a dull, low contrast grey making the already low contrast grey of E Ink even worse. There are many good reasons for leaving such an important display decision to the hardware (and often the individual reader’s preferences).

Thanks. I also found out that calibre has an integrated e-book editor that can be used to edit books in the EPUB and AZW3 (Kindle) formats, just in case anyone else is interested in trying this.

I wonder how an extremely light parchment jpeg would work as a background with your E Ink Kobo?
Does this reader show cover images well?