Compile error - cover is missing yet there?

I have an issue with my Windows compile…I have properly imported a .jpg into the ms and it’s on a page called Cover - and it’s included in the .mobi…

But the Compile can’t “find?” the image…?

The error says it’s W14016 ???


Can’t find out how to fix that either via the All Options box…can’t seem to import that .jpg into that frame either?


I think the problem is that you have put the cover in a file/page. On a Mac, you just drag and drop the jpeg into the binder, and then tell compile where to find the jpeg. You don’t put the jpeg in a document. Assume this is the same in Windows.

Many thanks…that did it!

Oh - for others, I simply deleted the page that held the cover and then added it as an image in the Research folder, then it came up on the drop down in the Cover area of the Compile > All Options area!


A pleasure. Glad it worked for you.

I’ve been having this exact same problem for the last few weeks. After opening a new scrivener file, I pulled content in piece by piece, but when it came time to put in the “back matter” (author page, acknowledgments, call to action page), my cover went away again. This continued to happen as I formatted the actual text of the document in compilation mode. You can view part of the issue in the video I made highlighting the problem

I’m not sure how to make it go away. It’s happened twice now, with two separate scrivener files, and I’m at a loss to figure out what’s going on.

cimannarino, what happens frequently is that the Kindle for Mac/PC app caches the cover, so even though you’ve deleted the old version from your library, since the new one uses the same name it’s just pulling that old cover from the cache. Deleting the old version from the cache should force it to display the correct one from your new file. On Mac you can find that in ~/Library/Application Support/Kindle/Cache/covers if you downloaded the program direct from Amazon, or in ~/Library/Containers/ Support/Kindle/Cache/covers if you downloaded via the Mac App Store. (If anyone reading this knows a reliable way to clear the cache from within the application, please share; I don’t use the app myself, so could easily be missing a trick.)

I haven’t noticed the same problem using the Kindle Previewer application–I don’t think it even has a cache–and I’d recommend that over the Kindle for Mac (or Kindle for PC) app for seeing what your book will look like on the various Kindles, assuming you don’t have the physical devices available for testing.

Same problem here. How do we fix this for the Windows version as the question is for us windows people (answer was for mac version, which isn’t very helpful) :frowning:

cimannarino’s video showed a Mac, hence the Mac location given in the previous post. On Windows the Kindle for PC cover cache is found at %LOCALAPPDATA%\Amazon\Kindle\Cache\covers.