Compile error with 025

Hi, I have a project created in the previous beta version - just updated to the latest version 025.
Running Win7 - updated

On compile -the preview looks fine - but when I try to preview as rtf, doc, odt, pdf - I get only one character per a line - a bit tricky to read!

Urgent this one - I need to get this book out!

ePub sorta worked - but removed all bulleted points
mobi - won’t compile has an error message
"Error (xmlmake) item or process ID already in use: start "

Hi lissie,

Sorry about this. I posted over here with a couple workarounds for the moment on the one-letter-per-line compile–it looks like something got goofed with the formatting in compile, so if you check the box in compile’s Format tab to override formatting, you’ll get this. Unchecking that, or fixing the right indent after you’ve compiled and brought the text into a word processor, are the two best options at the moment. I’ve alerted Lee, though, so he may be able to get a fix for this soon or indicate a better way to correct this issue until the next release.

I’ll have to check up on epub and mobi compile, but as Lee mentioned in his post, Scrivener’s still working toward the XHTML coding, which is what the ebook exports use, so these are both in early beta stages comparatively. Definitely seems to be a bug with the .mobi export; I’ve got another report on it as well. Thanks for the error message there!

No worries I figured out I could cut and paste the onscreen preview quite successfully

If you have multiple documents that you need to get out, compiling without overriding the formatting will get you the same look as copy/paste but without needing to go through each document. To set this, when you compile, click the “…” button to get the extended options, then in the Formatting tab just deselect the checkbox at the top that says “Override text and notes formatting”.

Anyway, glad you got something working!