Compile Error

Hi all,

I’m getting a frustrating Scrivener error and I was wondering if someone can help me.
I get this error when trying to compile my .Mobi file of my ebook.

Here are some details.

  1. EPub generates just fine.
  2. I have re-downloaded KindleGen just in case that was the issue.
  3. I have checked to make sure that I have the latest version of Scrivener, and re-downloaded just in case.
  4. I have nothing selected to “Compile” that isn’t there.

Here is my error (attached).

Help! Any ideas? Thanks!

We’ve had a few cases of this, which seems to be a system-specific error between the epub creation and its conversion to the mobi format. (Essentially, when you compile to .mobi, Scrivener generates an epub file to a temp location, and then that’s fed to the KindleGen tool to create the .mobi at the location you chose to save to.) So far we’ve been hitting a wall when trying to determine the hang-up, as the projects compile without issue on other machines (sometimes it’s even just a “sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t” on the main system), and other projects on the affected system will compile correctly.

Have you rebooted the computer recently, or logged out and back in? (Doing so clears a lot of the temp files that build up over the time you’re working in Windows.) If you try that and see a difference, I’d be interested to hear.

Meanwhile, you can create the .mobi by manually performing the steps Scrivener normally does. Compile to .epub, then use KindleGen to convert it to .mobi. If you’d rather not use the command line, you can open the .epub in Amazon’s Kindle Previewer (which I recommend downloading anyway, as it’s a useful tool for seeing what your book looks like on various Amazon devices). Opening the .epub will automatically create a .mobi copy, using the built-in KindleGen.

Hi, yes @MimeticMouton, thanks for the reply. I’ve rebooted the computer twice just in case already and it hasn’t made a difference. :confused:

Thanks for the other suggestions. I’ll be over here crying in the corner. :cry:

Hm, thanks for trying the reboot, good to know.

Compiling as epub and converting to mobi via Kindle Previewer as I described should work just fine. Once you’ve downloaded and installed Kindle Previewer, just launch it, then drag the compiled .epub file onto its window and it will convert and open in Previewer, with a message then to view the log and to view the converted .mobi file (which you can then rename or move, as you wish).