Compile Errors in lists with bold

I posted this in the Tech Support board without any response. I am now convinced this is a bug introduced in a recent version.

I today opened a project that had compiled some months back with no ePub errors and bold numbers/characters in lists compiling correctly. On compiling with the current version over 90 errors as below are now reported.

Original Post

'Recently compiled a work to ePub and ePub Checker flags a substantial number of errors.

The errors flagged are all

  • . They occur only when I’ve typed a list with a return, a number (referring to numbers within an image) then description of the item. This occurs at varying points in the list of numbers, no consistency.

    Looking at the HTML, there is a blank line then

  • and the item description
  • The number is missing. In the compiled document there is a bold dot, as if a dot list style has been applied. Deleting the offending line in Scrivener and re-entering etc doesn’t’t fix it.’

    After investigating, the error appears anywhere in a document where there is a bold period (as in bolded lists 1. 2. a. b. etc) followed by a space and another bold letter/number. If the space between them has bold format, the error displays with the number/character being replaced by a larger period as in a list formatted with leading period. . If the space between is non-bold there is no error and the characters display correctly.

    Examples: 1. Main Menu Bar: If the space between 1. and the M in Main is formatted bold on compile the 1. will be replaced by a large dot from a dot list. Format the space as regular or have a non-bold first character and it displays correctly.