Compile execution time - how much?

ON a machine & Scrivener that is working well (or so I think), how long should I expect to take to compile 137,000 words with graphics and convert it all to MS Word format? It compiled & converted 55,000 words (came out 55 pages) in under 5 minutes. The larger piece has so far taken 30 minutes. And counting.

Secondary questions: Can I compile to .rtfd format, then import into Word? With pretty close to the same result in MS Word? Is there some kind of upper limit in Word?

If you are using one of the Word formats, then yes you can expect it to take a long time. First Scrivener creates an RTF file, and then it feeds it to a Java-based converter which turns it into the .docx. If you’re just working with Word, you have no need for the latter, RTF is just as good, and will compile in a fraction of the time.

Note, RTFD on the other hand is no good. That is an Apple proprietary format and I doubt Word can do anything with it. It’s good for Mac native programs though, especially if you have pictures in the text, as many Mac programs cannot read pictures out of RTF itself.

It shouldn’t take 30 minutes, though. But I have noticed that the Java-based converters can take randomly long times sometimes, although I haven’t yet figured out what is causing that. On my Mac Pro, there was a period when even a small file could take over 30 seconds to be converted, while on my MacBook Air, long files would be very quick. Then the problem went away on my Mac Pro… And now it’s returned again. I think it has something to do with Java being slowed down by something, but I’m still trying to work out by what.

As Ioa says, though, using RTF is just as good. MS Word can open RTF files, and to create Word files, Scrivener just creates RTF files internally and then converts them to Word format.