Compile & Export for Kindle

I’m trying to compile and export a fairly “list heavy” document to Kindle. Some of the formatting (lists generally, and one page that shouldn’t have any indents) isn’t behaving properly. I’m not sure what the “As Is” function is supposed to do, but it doesn’t much matter if the box is checked or not, nothing changes. I’d like the Kindle formatting to look like what I’m seeing on the screen before I do the compile function. What am I doing wrong?

Is there a way to manually adjust the Kindle CSS?

To manually adjust the CSS you would need to export as .epub, change the “epub” extension to zip, unzip, adjust the files, zip back up using the zip settings necessary for epub (extra compression, no extra information at start of file, mimetype first) and then manually use kindlegen to generate your own Kindle.

The .epub and .kindle exports are both general-use and may not always work perfectly for special formatting (and e-readers only have basic support for many HTML elements). If you send me a small sample Scrivener project (zipped up) that shows the problem, then I’ll take a look when I get chance.


Thanks Keith!

I got everything working going from ePub to Kindle.

Interesting - what did you do, convert the epub directly using kindlegen? Strange, seeing as the HTML output for the epub and Kindle files is pretty much the same.


ePUB looked closer to what I was going for. I tweaked the CSS after I exported to ePUB and then used Calibre to convert the ePUB to Kindle. I couldn’t get KindleGen to work.