Compile export to file vs directory.

I have a template that I often use. It compiles the Scrivener content to markdown format. If my project is named ‘foo’ then when I first compile a new directory named is created. Inside is another file name I have other files appear in the directory as well for post processing. This is the behavior I expect.

I just used this same template yesterday for a new project and when I compiled, the exported was a file, not a directory with a file inside. I do not know why. What controls this behavior? How can I ensure that the behavior I described above, with the directory, is always true for new uses of the template?

This is the non-appstore version of Scrivener 3 for macOS, if that makes a difference.

The details on this behaviour can all be found in §21.5.1, Compile Folder, in the user manual PDF. From the opening paragraph:

So if you want a folder, but there is no good reason for the compiler to create one, simply make it yourself, first (hint, you can do this right inside the Save dialogue box itself, with the ⇧⌘N shortcut). Use the same naming convention with “.md” on the end to ensure it is treated as a compile folder rather than a normal folder target. The referenced section in the manual goes into all of the implications of that, but in short it means that if you do add an image in the future, you won’t get as a result. There are other naming conventions you can use as well. Myself, I prefer the “_mmd” suffix.

Perfect. Thank you! :smiley: