Compile Export

Hi I am a new user, I have managed to import a strategy mind map and I was testing the compile function so I can export to word for final formatting but when I compile all I see in the export are the notes made in the main screen, I would like to see the items in the binder as the titles, is this possible in the compile? its like they are just folders not chapters or headings?

sorry complete novice here so any help appreciated


Yes, this is made possible in the Formatting compile option pane. In the top half of that, you’ll find the three types of icons you can have in the Draft: folder, file with children, and file. To their right is a column for “Title” with checkboxes. Just check those off for any type of icon that should be generating a title. Once you do that, you can set up the style for the title in the mock editor below, again for each icon type.

thanks for that reply really helped me out, OMG I am loving this now, I can do a brain dump on the iPad into iThoughtsHD, mail it across to my Mac (I can save the file in iCloud but cant retrieve it on the Mac) open in Scrivener, smash out the main body text, shift it all about, export to word (which I hate but am very familiar with) and produce a pretty decent strategy or RFP in hours when it would take a week of formatting, highlighting, copy, cut and pasting in word…I am truly happy.

ps I am dyslexic, I dont generally have a problem with writing, I may misspell things (but won’t always notice) but for me, as I am sure others with dyslexia may find, trying to get the idea down on a blank page is painful, my mind (our minds??) just dont work like that, they wander, they work spatially not linear ie word after word line after line, the mind map is just the ticket and now I can convert them into something less abled people (those without dyslexia :wink: ) can understand, no more confusion when someone is reading my draft RFP’s (that do tend to jump about a bit, makes perfect sense to me though)


If your mind works better when writing spatially, you might be interested in our new program, called Scapple. You can find the download here on the forum, as it is still in public beta. Scapple, unlike mind-map based programs, does not enforce any kind of hierarchy or linking. You can just write wherever you want on your screen, maybe connecting things if they need it.

I will give it a try thanks and thanks for the support, nice application I have already shared with others


Thanks for the recommendations you’ve made!