Compile fails if Manuscript has grandchildren

Picture this: Manuscript (for Novel format) has Chapters (text) as children. it has also been given Chapters (folders) with their own children (text). This fails to compile or give project stats. It gets to say 65% compile, stops and the whole of Scrivener grays out. Then Windows says it’s investigating the problem but instead of coming up with an answer, says it’s going to close Scrivener. Now imagine promoting all grandchildren to Manuscript children. Send all the empty Chapter folders to Trash (because they now contain or head up nothing). Compile again and voila. All good. Probably not as intended with the fully-flexible heirarchical nature of Binder being a feature of Scrivener, one would think. On Vista, if that helps.

Thanks, I believe Lee has fixed this for the next release. The issue has to do with including documents in compile that have no text compiling–so your empty Chapter folders are causing the error, hence removing them (and subsequently promoting their subdocuments) fixes the problem. You could also deselect them in the Contents pane of compile (or deselect “include in compile” from the inspector) as a workaround for now.

I found a work around. The reason I needed to compile blank documents is to work on the manuscript on my android tablet (yeah yeah another annoying plug for a mobile version). I compile with the synopsis so I have my outline in the document.

So I just added a letter to each page and it compiled just fine.