Compile Fails to Remove Comments


I am on Mac running Lion, with fully updated Scrivener.

I am having a problem with removing comments in compiling. I am compiling for RTF. When I have both the “remove comments” buttons checked in the compile window, the resulting RTF sometimes has comments, and sometimes does not. Very strangely, it depends on the setting of the grayed Export to RTF option. Specifically, if Export to RTF as: is set to Margin Comments, then the comments do not export. But, if Export to RTF as: is set to Endnotes or Footnotes, then the comments show up as either footnotes or endnotes. This is very strange, since it should not matter how the comments are to be exported if the comments are to be removed.

I discovered this odd phenomenon by unchecking the remove boxes, selecting an export as option, rechecking the Remove boxes, compiling, and looking at the result in Word 2008.

I have found a way to get what I want, so this is not a huge problem, but it seemed strange and I thought you would be interested.

Luca Struble


With both of these checked off, your shouldn’t be getting any comments in your export whatsoever:

With them both checked, the comment does still appear to export as a footnote/endnote if that’s what the export option was set to before checking them (and thus graying out the export option).

Many thanks for reporting this, Luca; this is indeed a bug and I have fixed it for 2.1.1.

All the best,

Great, thanks!

I would have replied earlier, but didn’t realize I hadn’t activated the ‘notify me when a post is replied to’ option.

Luca Struble