Compile Feature Parity

Hello L&L, developers of my favorite software.

That is not (just) flattery. I debated whether or not to even buy my second Mac and pretty much only did so because I wanted the complete feature list of Scrivener. I spent $500 more on a laptop for a $40 program. That’s insane, but so is how much Scrivener has helped my writing.

However, my Late 2011 Macbook Pro just died - motherboard completely shot. And I cannot afford a new Macbook Pro - certainly not at their new starting point of $1700. I also do not like the RAM now being attached to the motherboard so that I cannot swap it out as my machine ages - in fact, for the past few years Apple keeps taking both their hardware and OS X itself in directions I like less and less (I miss Snow Leopard so badly).

But…there is still this nagging thing…Scrivener is unquestionably more advanced on Mac. Most of it I can live without, but as I near finishing my first novel, there is one thing I really want - for Windows’ compile features to be equal with Mac’s.

Are there any plans to make the Windows Scrivener and the Mac Scrivener identical in this particular part of the program in the near future? I can’t afford a new Mac right now regardless, but I would like to avoid ever tasking my wallet that much again until Apple’s vision of what a personal computer should be is more in line with my own (the fact that my 2011 Mac died while my 2006 Mac is still running is also not reassuring - if only my 2006 Mac could run modern OS and apps!).

Sorry to hear you had a system crash and are having to look at PCs. Have you considered cheaper Macs, like a little Mini or something? I suppose that doesn’t solve your worries about the system being a complete unit instead of something you can fiddle with, but you needn’t spend over a $1,000 USD for a Mac if you consider budget units, refurbished, and used equipment. I’m with you on most of your complaints, though if I ever jumped ship it would be to open source, not Microsoft (that would not represent an improvement in anything but maybe hardware, and I’m more interested in software than hardware).

As to the rest: I’d gently remind that according to the wish list rules simply posting wishes for the Windows version to have Mac version features isn’t necessary as the Mac version is the to-do list for the Windows version.

Just to add to what Ioa has said:

Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad Scrivener is helping with your writing.

As mentioned in the Wish List rules that Ioa mentions, the plan is definitely to bring the Windows version up to feature parity with the Mac version. What we are working hard on, though, is getting the Windows version on a par with the next major version of Scrivener rather than the current version. We’re still some way off that, however, and I think that there will still be a few months of lag between the Windows version and the Mac version over the next year, purely because of how much work I have done on the next major macOS version and therefore how much the Windows version have to catch up with along with previous features they were incorporating.

Thanks and all the best,