Compile Features between Windows and Mac


I can understand feature parity may never arrive between Mac and Windows, but I would really like to see the Windows version of compile have feature parity with Mac compile. There are certain things I can do in Mac compile that I simply cannot do in Windows. It’s really noticeable when compiling ebooks, especially creating custom table of contents.

I’ll be working in Windows, then have to switch to Mac laptop simply to compile. It’s not always appropriate for me to switch machines so I would love compile parity. It would make my life a lot easier.

As much as I would love Scriv 3 to be released, what I really need is Windows Compile to have the same functions as the Mac version.

The goal is for Mac/Win Scrivener 3.0 to have feature parity. (The Windows version will not have a version 2.)

Version 3.0 will significantly revamp the Compile function, so it makes more sense to bring the new design to both platforms at the same time than to put the effort into aligning Windows Compile with Mac (2.x) Compile, only to completely change it a few months later.


Thank you for the reply. Is Scriv 3 anywhere on the horizon? Really missing those compile features! :smiley:

Mac Scriv 3 is currently in private beta. I think Win Scriv 3 is running a bit behind it.


Did someone say “beta”? :slight_smile:

Finally parity …

Non-parity has caused me so much grief over the years. Put me off Scrivener altogether for ages, and then when I went for it the missing Windows features caused many hassles.

Just struggling with TOC at the moment - very hard to do proper TOCs in Windows unless you have a page break before every single item, which doesn’t work if you have chapters with sections and sub-sections (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3) and you don’t want page breaks at every level.

Reduced to exporting to Epub then editing HTML manually in Sigil of Calibre, requiring anchor points having to be hand-coded in at each section/subsection and then referencing each anchor point in the TOC links.

Like everyone else my time is valuable. Please release parity versions 3 like yesterday!


Is your time valuable enough to avoid bugs? It takes time to write good software.

Reporting bugs helps speed things along, too. :smiley:

I’ve been using Scrivener for years as an organising tool - copying and pasting chapters in from my word processor (Open Office), since i can export my final print-ready files from there and not Scrivener.

It’s frustrating to have waited four years (so far) for a few basic functions that would allow me to use Scrivener for writing as well as organising, and then be able to ditch using OOffice for writing. It is a shame to keep on waiting for a major update, when it feels like just a few basic changes to the compiler would suffice for the time-being.

I love Scrivener, just wish I could use it all the time.


Then you will be pleased to know, Ig, that the new version of Scrivener which is not far from release is not the one you have waited years for. The new Scrivener is yet another Mac release. As stated “The windows version is somewhat behind.” Still. Really good customer relations to find even Keith is taking the pee out of the situation on the Mac forums. So keep up with your flawed windows copy, or take the plunge, buy an anorak / join the cult and get your new shiny version shortly.

Yes, it took many edits of my previous post to tone down my frustrations. :wink:
I think buying a Mac is perhaps not the ideal solution - but I have been searching for Windows alternatives to Scrivener all morning, but can’t find anything (any suggestions gratefully accepted!).
It does seem as though living with a ‘flawed copy’ seems to be the only solution for now… :frowning: