Compile File Save Target Directory

I have latest Scrivener. I want to compile to a particular folder, yet when I do a test run and change the title of the saved compiled doc the directory changes to Documents. Should not change if I change the file title.
I am using Mac OS Ventura

I’ve categorised this as a bug report for macOS, since what you are describing is not normal behaviour and there is no need to post a feature request for it. Here is the expected behaviour:

  • The last directory you compiled to is saved into preferences for that project, and that should always be what you see when proceeding into the file name selection phase of compiling.
  • Changing the file name is not a navigation event and shouldn’t change the directory you are working with.

It’s worth noting this isn’t really our dialogue box in the sense that we hand-coded our own file dialogue from scratch. We of course use the stock file save tool that is provided by the system, and all of its core behaviour is derived from that. So with that in mind, it’s unlikely what you are describing is either something Scrivener can cause, and thus anything we could fix.

My guess is you’ve got some kind of utility that modifies how file dialogues work system-wide, and it’s causing issues in this context (or perhaps even broadly across different native Mac programs).

Otherwise I suppose it could be an Apple bug, but if it is I doubt it is a common one as I haven’t heard anything of this before, and surely someone else would have noticed by now.

Thanks. Been using Macs since 1984 (when dinosaurs still roamed the earth) and this behavior is not something I have encountered before, so it is some form of bug.

If you step outside the door tomorrow and get hit by an asteroid… doesn’t mean your door is buggy, though. :thinking:

Yes, to reiterate I did classify it as a bug.

I’m trying to provide some clues for things you can look into though, as I don’t think this is something we can fix. It would be like us fixing a bug in the standard Print dialogue box, which also comes from the system.