Compile font formatting conundrum

Hello all:

Somewhat new to Compile and having a formatting challenge.

I have a novel manuscript that has fairly standard structure and format. When compiling, I started with the Standard MS preset and made some tweaks.

One tweak was to set Times New Roman as the default fault for all style levels.

My problem is that I have certain short chapters that need a different font and size. I want to retain their individual font settings.

However, the formatting inside Compile is strictly by level. I see no other attribute I can apply to a document to allow me to format it individually during compile.

What I’ve done so far, that seems to be working, is to nest the special chapters in an additional folder, taking them down to a new level that I can format differently (they all need the same formatting, it’s just different from all the others). I then have to go and disable chapter/title printing on the parent folders.

This seems cumbersome and I just wonder if I’m missing something.

That is a very good way to do it, as cumbersome as it may seem. I don’t think you’re missing the point.

Another way is to format the text as you would like it to appear within the editor itself, and then use the Preserve formatting setting for those special paragraphs, or even the Compile As-Is option if each chapter is comprised of a single text document.

Hope this helps!

Compile As-Is! That’s the trick. Thank you!