Compile font formatting doesn't work [BUG LOGGED]

Not sure if this has been mentioned or not yet, and I know that people have already reported the problems with fonts and indents disappearing after closing the program, but…

It seems that the Compile feature isn’t actually formatting the text according to the user-selected settings. I’ve tried to compile using both the Manuscript format (a pre-defined format) and a format I created myself, just altering the font face and the size. Both PDFs resulted in the exact same document, which looks to be just the text without any sort of formatting at all.

I compiled again, this time including page breaks, and the page breaks show up fine, but the font and indents are still messed up.

If this is a repeat bug report, my apologies! I didn’t see anything in the forums, though, when I browsed.

Yes, I can see what you mean. Thank you. I have raised a bug for this.

A related thing I’ve noticed in trying out compile:
Since the fonts were wonky on output, I thought that I must just be dense and not doing it right. Checked the “override” box in the formatting section, chose Courier New as my font, send to PDF. It came out in Courier New, and it retained my indents. Result!
… but it treated every break (i.e., every time I had hit the return key for a new paragraph) as a PAGE break, so I had 4000 words spread over 146 pages, which isn’t right at all.

As I don’t need to compile at the moment for any reason, it’s no big deal to me right now, but I noticed it and thought I’d mention it.