Compile font problems

Hello, When I compile my novel, in standard Times MS format, the first two chapters are the font I chose to write the novel in, ie., a screen-friendly font.

Why is this style overriding the compile settings of Times, 12pt, double spaced? The rest of the chapters compile correctly.

Thanks for the help!

Most likely you have used a style for the body text in the sections that are resisting the compile format settings. Styles are bit like an override, they let you force the issue—and so for the most part they are best left to exceptions like headings or captions. For regular old body text is best to leave them set to “no style” so that compile formats can have the freedom to use their designed looks. You can read more about this in the user manual PDF, under §15.6.1, Think Different, pg 405.

Also note that if you have no need of actual styles in these sections of text, there is a way of stripping them all out in one go with the Documents ▸ Convert ▸ Text to Default Formatting… menu command.

I had a problem like this that took weeks to sort out. In my case, I had some sections that were assigned a section layout that was completely unformatted, because I wanted to preserve the epistolary look with letter headers that had different paragraph spacing. It turned out that while my section layouts were all set to 12 points, my project font was set to 13 points for some reason, I know not what. Once I figured out what was going on this was easily fixed, but it sure was puzzling.

Lesson: there are a couple of different places to set styles, including font sizes and the like. With great Scrivener power comes great Scrivener opportunities for confusion.