Compile Font size


Can you advise on how I can see what font size I’m compiling to PDF on a Mac? I know how to change the font but I can’t see a point size.

Thanks in advance, any help would be greatly appreciated.

I assume it’s the same as on Windows in Compile Format Designer > Section Layouts > Formatting tab:


Thanks for your help, much appreciated. There’s no Format Designer I could find on the Mac version, but it gave me enough of a clue to find a workaround.

Thanks again.

There is. Double click on one of the Scrivener Formats that look close to what you need and save it either as a Project Format (applicable to a specific format) or a My Format (available to all projects).

Then double click on the format you saved and Compile Format Designer opens.

Once you’ve created you layouts, you need to assign the layouts to associated structures in your WIP.

It’s invisible, but it’s there…