Compile footnotes after beta update

This morning I updated my Windows Beta to Version:
I just tried to compile a chapter as an MS Word document and every footnote displays the text from only the very FIRST footnote. Meanwhile, when I compiled it as a pdf, the footnotes seemed correct, but the body text for all 25 pages is one massive hyperlink to scrivcmt://17e2a627-67e8-465a-84ce-b809fa9e36e2/ (ETA: And in fact some footnotes are just wholesale missing from the compiled pdf document)

It was working correctly just yesterday before I updated my beta version (which I had to do since that beta version expires tomorrow Nov 15).

Is there a work around? I need to share this draft with my advisor and committee by the end of the week, and then will be submitting it with a fellowship application later this month.

ETA: I just verified that yes, in my compile settings I had already checked the option to remove all hyperlinks

This should be in the Beta Testing forum.


Derp. Sorry! Clearly I hadn’t had enough coffee this morning