Compile footnotes after beta update

This morning I updated my Windows Beta to Version:
I just tried to compile a chapter as an MS Word document and every footnote displays the text from only the very FIRST footnote. Meanwhile, when I compiled it as a pdf, the footnotes seemed correct, but the body text for all 25 pages is one massive hyperlink to scrivcmt://17e2a627-67e8-465a-84ce-b809fa9e36e2/ (ETA: And in fact some footnotes are just wholesale missing from the compiled pdf document)

It was working correctly just yesterday before I updated my beta version (which I had to do since that beta version expires tomorrow Nov 15).

Is there a work around? I need to share this draft with my advisor and committee by the end of the week, and then will be submitting it with a fellowship application later this month.

ETA: I just verified that yes, in my compile settings I had already checked the option to remove all hyperlinks

Could you please upload a small demo project which reproduces the problem. Thanks!

Sorry- I’m new to using these forums, How should I upload the sample project? Should I upload to something like Google Docs and then link here?

Use the File > Back Up > Back Up To… command in Scrivener and tick the option to create a zipped back up. If this is your real project rather than a demo you’ve created that demonstrates the problem, you can send the zipped project to rather than uploading it publicly on the forum. If the file is large (over 10MB), you can upload the zipped file to Google Drive or similar, and then send the link instead.

Several workarounds.

Compile to different formats. This may not work, as you’ve seen errors from two formats. If you don’t want to try this first, skip this section and move to Exporting.

I’m assuming, since you compiled to Word, that you’re using Word for final tweaks. You can try:

Compile to HTML (Word will import it no problem)
Compile to RTF (Word should import it no problem; RTF is a MS format)
Compile to ODT (Word will import it, but may complain)

If every compile causes the same issue, or you just don’t want to do things that way, there are MORE workarounds.

both of these qualify as exports, really.

File → Export → files…
And choose a file format. I have not personally tried this with Docx, but it should work. (select the entire Draft or Manuscript folder before exporting). It works with ODT; I get clear footnotes, not repeats; i get the text I entered. If that doesn’t work…

File → Sync → with external folder → : pick the folder for sync. NUMBER the files so they’re in order (check the box), so you import them in order in Word. Once you’ve set it up, "File - Sync - “with external folder now”. This should give you RTF files.

Hope that helps.
Those are the easy ones, that don’t require great tedium.

If none of these works, you may have a corrupt installation, requiring uninstall and reinstall.

Thank you both for the suggestions!

Export seems to work, though it it does require combining several word docs into a single file. Still, for the short term and for one chapter, it will do.

Naturally, the problem doesn’t reproduce in a new project. It also seems to ONLY be while using my custom compile format in my actual project. This happened as well a couple of beta versions ago, but I didn’t need to compile much at the time and by the next update it was back to normal.

Since the problem doesn’t reproduce and this is for my actual dissertation, I’ll send an email with a google drive link and see if that helps shed any light on things.