Compile Footnotes Into Endnotes

I recently finished writing a paper for school. Although it was only a few pages I loved using Scrivener for completing it in bits and piecing it together. I did however run into a slight problem when compiling document. Using the Chicago styles template for the document, it gave me a section that was entitled notes. Within the notes section it told me that upon compile it would have all the footnotes into that section. I compiled it is a.doc file in order to be compatible with Microsoft Word. I then opened up the file and these footnotes were nowhere to be found. Although I ended up having to compile in Print mode, I am wondering what I did wrong and how I can avoid the issues in the future.


Sorry, having looked at the template, I realise that the instructions don’t make it clear that it is designed especially to export to PDF or for printing, which is why things didn’t work as you wanted when you exported to .doc. When exporting to .doc, the footnotes become true Word footnotes, which then can’t be placed under the “Notes” area, but will either appear at the end of each page or at the end of the whole document, depending on whether you set it to use endnotes or footnotes in the “Footnotes & Comments” pane.

You say that you opened up the file and couldn’t find the footnotes, though - did you open the File in Word? If you opened it in TextEdit, for instance, then you wouldn’t have seen the footnotes because TextEdit doesn’t support footnotes.

One way you can get things into Word in the same way they appear in PDF is to export to RTF instead, then select the “Flatten footnotes” in the “RTF Compatibility” pane. RTF will open perfectly in Word, and you can always save to .doc from Word if you need it in that format.

All the best,

Thanks Keith for the help. To avoid future frustration I was sure to save the compile settings so I don’t have issues in the future. If only I knew what you told me last night I would have gotten a few more hours of sleep!