Compile for forum publication

Unfortunately I’m not an expert in Scrivener yet.

But I was wondering if it’s possible to compile a Scrivener’s document in a “forum publication format”?
That means that the text’s attributes are converted with the html codes which they are between [ ]

If it’s possible, please, tell me how to do. Thanks.

I would compile to .html, then use some other tool to replace ‘<’ and ‘>’ with ‘[’ and ‘]’.

Or, if the formatting is not terribly complex, compile to plain text and re-insert the html manually, in the forum’s editor.

Finally, some forum software is smart enough to accept RTF.


Start a scrivenings session with all the parts you want to compile, select all, Edit | Copy Special | Copy as BBcode. Paste in the forum.

Not the same as compiling of course, but maybe good enough.

Very nice

| Copy Special | Copy as BBcode

is the best and fastest way.

Thank you very much (from you I’m improving my Scrivener’s knowledge :slight_smile: )

Just be aware that it doesn’t seem to handle nested tags correctly.

I tested on a couple of forums and it seemed to work on all of them, but you may experience different results.

More reading:

that’s true; I’ve tried with two different forums.