Compile for Kindle not working in Scrivener for Windows.

When I click on ‘compile’, and the compile window opens, I then complete the necessary information, such as; Compile as original, Title, contents, author, contributor, subject, formatting, page break, Meta data, etc’ etc’, and then, compile for Kindle (mobi) eBook.
However, when I then click on 'Compile, instead of the usual green progress bar, showing me that Scrivener actually is compiling, all I see is a split second, green flash, of the compile progress bar. I would be very grateful if anyone can advise me how to solve this problem.

Thanks in advance

Hello KIngfisher,
Have you installed Kindlegen from Amazon?

Yes, I have kingdleGen installed. I’m not new to Scrivener, and I have compiled and published several books before. However, on this latest book, the darn thing just won’t compile. :cry:

PS: Thanks for your reply Broadsides, it’s much appreciated!

Can you compile successfully to ePub? Scrivener generates initially an ePub version of your book, which is then converted to Kindle Book.

Hi tiho_d
I’m not sure, but I’ll give it a go in the morning; it’s almost midnight here in the UK, so I’m going to rest my weary head,

Cheers and thanks for your reply


Nah! Just tried to compile for ePub, before hitting the hay, and I got the same result.

I’m having the same problem as you, Kingfisher! Nothing is working!