Compile for MultiMarkdown, how do I do the following in Section Layouts?

Hi everyone!!

I need your help. How do I setup Section Layouts to do the following?

(1) Center as below.

(2) Have two tabs between the section number and the section title.

Thanks in advance!


There seems to be some confusion here as to the scope of what Scrivener does. To match your sample text to what a MultiMarkdown file actually looks like:

# Introduction

## General Description

The Diablo Model 1660 HyTerm Communications Terminal...

So, that is what Scrivener is creating, and thus that is what a Section Layout would be responsible for creating. Does this section, called “Introduction”, in your binder output a heading? All right. How about the text file beneath it called “General Description”, which also needs to output the text from the main editor. Great. That’s it. Simple.

That’s why most of the built-in Markdown compile Formats have a grand total of three Section Layouts. Heading, text, and heading + text.

That doesn’t mean you can’t use MultiMarkdown itself to create a document that looks like that. But that’s another matter, and potentially for after you’ve compiled, depending on what this is supposed to be a screenshot of.