Compile for Pages

Hi there,

I would like to compile my scrivener projects for further work in pages on a mac.
Which format do you recommend to compile?

Thanks in advance!!

I would use DOC or DOCX, if you have the enhanced converters turned on (in the Import/Export preferences pane). This will produce the easiest and best output to Pages. If you do not want to run Java for this, or find it too slow, then you will need to compile to RTF, and then use another word processor to open the RTF and save a DOC/X file. OpenOffice, Word and Nisus Writer Pro are all good for this task. The problem is that Pages doesn’t read RTF files very well, and that’s the only format word processor that Scrivener is really good at (without the Java converters, that is). Any other combination will produce formatting flaws in most cases, and outright lost information in others, such as footnotes and images.