Compile for .pdf hang on OSX 10.7.4 and Scrivener 2.3.1

I’m having a problem using Compile to export a .pdf. Everything seems to be going fine, but after the blue bar in the bottom left of the Compile window finishes and it moves into the blue and white alternating pattern, it sticks there.

I don’t think there’s anything too weird with the formatting of any files that would cause it, but I don’t know. I was able to take a screenshot of the for the most recent hang like this.

I do notice on that screenshot that, in the first entry, it says “index 243 beyond bounds [0 … 242]” and on previous successful Compile to .pdf versions, the .pdf has been 242 pages. Maybe that’s something strange?

Anyway, here’s the screenshot. Thanks in advance for your help!!

That’s an exception getting thrown on the console, which indicates a bug. Save to PDF works in general, though, so it must be something specific to your project. Would it be possible to zip up the project and send it to us, marking the subject as for my attention? I’m off on holiday the day after tomorrow but would like to look at this before I go, as I had another similar report today:


All the best,

Hi Keith,

Thanks very much–I just emailed that address with a .zip file for you to take a look. Much appreciated. Talk to you soon!