Compile for PDF....trouble with settings Pt. 2

(Continuing on from Part One post)

What I want to have happen is to have the Part One page, with the image and the Title “Short Stories” below, then the next page should be a separate page with Rare, Prized and Feared (the name of the story), and then the next page should start with Chapter One and the scenes following. NOTE: Chapter Nine, inexplicably, is formatted like this. The PDF shows “Chapter Nine” on a separate page all by itself, then the next page starts with Chapter Ten.

Image 4 is showing that later on in the PDF, all of a sudden the Chapter Titles are showing up in Uppercase.

Image 5 is my compile settings. You’ll note that for Chapters 1,2, and 3 I have indicated them as Chapter Heading layout, and the other Chapters as Chapter. I was trying to see if that made any difference in the way it formatted the PDF. It didn’t seem to.

Image 6 shows the section layout examples in compile for “Chapter Heading”. I have another image for “Chapter” but I can’t attach it. Probably two posts are enough on this, hah.

I don’t know why this is so mixed up once it actually formats into PDF.

I hope the images help you to understand the issue. Any help would be welcome. There just seems to be so many things that aren’t right that I am lost as to how to continue. :frowning:

The Chapter Heading layout in your screenshot specifies that the chapter should be numbered, and have no other title. This is the layout that you’ve assigned to the “Rare, Prized, and Feared” folder. If that isn’t the behavior you want, you need to either edit the Section Layout or assign a different one.


Yes, that is what I wanted. I didn’t get that. I got what you see in image 2 and 3 below. That “Chapter One” underneath the raven pic is not supposed to be there. Somehow the compile has decided that instead of putting my Chapter One as a separate page with the title Rare, Prized and Feared, (whcih is how I thought I had it set up in compile), it has added “Chapter One” at the bottom of that Page (which is labelled Short Stories) in the Binder and labelled it Chapter ONe instead of Rare, Prized and Feared, and then started the next Chapter, which is actually Chapter ONe, and labelled it Chapter Two.

I dunno. This all is probably too complicated to figure out via the message boards. I don’t know where I went wrong, and therefore it’s so difficult to try to fix it. After a lot of trial and error I had the setting just right for the ebook version, and it compiled exactly as it should have. When I applied those settings to the PDF compile, I’m getting these issues. So, I don’t know. I truly LOVE Scrivener as a writing program, but I do find that I can spend hours doing compile and get very confused by it all. :cry:

No, trying to troubleshoot this through the forum is not ideal. Feel free to open a support ticket, here:

The Chapter Heading layout in your screenshot does not specify that the section title will be used. It specifies the chapter number, which is what you’re seeing.


Sigh. Ok, thanks, Katherine. I will take one more crack at it and if all else fails, will contact support. Thanks. :smiley: