Compile for Print Problem [more info and the attempted fix]

Witnessed a problem with the Compile for Print function inside the 1.5 beta: after a number of pages, usually eight in text, the pages begin to print on top of one another, with the text appearing on top of itself in layers. The problem persists even in using the Default settings.

  1. open the project,
  2. either select entire project or specific portion longer than eleven pages,
  3. compile directly for printing.

After eight pages of text (regardless of number of pages per sheet you’ve selected the text documents to print) the text begins to get ahead of itself and print the text for multiple pages on top of the others.

I have tried using different page setups, changing the setup of the compile itself, and going into my printer’s properties [HP Photosmart 7960]: no dice.

EDIT: 9:15, FURTHER INFORMATION: I ran a test using three documents—two created using Scrivener, and one using the same text but re-typed into Open Office. One was a compile straight to print; the other, a compile to .pdf and then print; the third, an OpenDocument converted to .PDF. Only the document created through OpenOffice printed properly.