Compile for print

A couple of questions about Compile for… Print.

First, can this be used for print-on-demand books? (I’ve got a book up on Amazon ( but various non-technical friends have asked if it’s possible to buy a printed copy, and I’d like to facilitate them by making it available as a print-on-demand paperback, as well as an ebook.)

Second, if so, how do I add the cover?

Compile for Print produces printed output, on actual paper. Unless you have your own printing, paper-cutting and bookbinding facility, this isn’t really going to produce a physical book. However, other Compile options might be suitable for sending your output to a print-on-demand publisher, if you so wish. I have just looked up the requirements of one print-on-demand company, and they can accept files in all sorts of formats, as shown on the following page:
Elsewhere on their site, I read that their preferred format for books is PDF. You can certainly use Scrivener’s compile functionality to set up a specific PDF layout with suitable page sizes, margins etc, and I suspect that this would be different to the PDF you might distribute to people printing off their own copy on regular letter/A4 paper. (By the way, please note that I’m neither recommending this company nor doing whatever the opposite of recommending might be – I know next to nothing about them, and have no experience in this area!)

As for covers… You can add a cover image to your ePub/Kindle ebook during the compilation stage if the image is in a suitable format (such as PNG) and stored in your project binder; details are in section 23.7 of the User Manual (Mac version). For a print-on-demand book, you would probably need a different, much higher-resolution image, but your chosen print-on-demand publisher would probably offer a facility for uploading such a thing.


Thanks, Astrid, very helpful.