compile for self publish and create space

I downloaded to try it out before I buy, but I have one concern. As I self-publish my novels on Createspace, I do not want manuscript format when I’m done. I will need to format it the way it is to be published as far as font size, page size, margins, etc. Will scrivener be customizable ehough when it comes time to compile. I am afraid of moving here and then having trouble formatting for publication.



Hi Reese,

Manuscript format is just one way of setting up Compile - you have complete control (to an extent) over how everything will look. It will depend on whether you need more advanced layout features - for instance, Scrivener supports headers and footers and suchlike but doesn’t support alternate page headers or margins - but if you do need more advanced layout features, just set up everything as much as you can and then export to Word or another word processor for the final teaks that you require.

All the best,

I would recommend that after you view some of the video tutorials available from Lit & Lat, and after you’ve gone through the self-guided tutorial project available in the Help menu, that you just import and split up one of your previous works (or just first couple of chapters). Split the file up to match the structure of your book (Parts, Chapters, sections & sub-sections or scenes), and then start playing with the compile settings, coming here with specific questions as the process stumps you. In this way, you’ll be simulating the work you would do in Scrivener after you have finished the writing & editing, but before you publish.

At some point, you probably will have to go to a word processor to do final preparation for Create Space, and there’s tons of advice on which ones work best with scrivener to preserve headers, footers, footnotes, etc… (in short: Word and Nisus Writer Pro).

Scrivener is for the 90% or more of the work of starting from nothing to a manuscript that has all of the words you want in the order that you want. There’s quite a bit of formatting available to you at the end of that process, but that’s where this tool hands the reins to programs that are designed for spit & polish.