Compile For ... ?

I am working on a family documentation. I have written and / or acquired a lot of “text chunks” - memory images, short thematical background stories, letter quotes, … I want to make all this available for my extended family.
Scrivener seems to be a perfect tool for building the text mass. I can add, split, combine and organise the text chunks freely and effectively. I use meta data and synopsis features to keep track of development etc. AND I can build collections of and links between text chunks, to make “paths” through the material, based on a number of different approaches to the information - chronological, character based, place based, based on specific context, … Lots of the text chunks will be relevant in many different paths or collections. The material is going to be voluminous and there has to be a number of guided tours for it to really be available.
What I need to build this information base I think is in Scrivener. What I miss is some appropriate software to compile the material into for sharing. A tool which would keep the many internal links from Scrivener, and also makes it possible to set up a number of ordered and named paths to follow these links. Ideally paths could have internal alternatives, crossroads for different sub-paths to follow, etc.
Do you know of any software to make these ideas real?

Both pdf and e-book formats (epub and mobi) can save internal and external links. I’d go for epub. Lots of readers out there, on all platforms.

You are right!
epub will be excellent!
Thank you!